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Project Outsource
offers professional administrative assistance to small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, sales reps, clubs, organizations and large corporations without the overhead of a full-time employee.

In today's competitive marketplace, low overhead is key. More and more business owners are adopting the practice of hiring a virtual assistant to reduce exorbitant employee health benefits, rising unemployment taxes, federal and state mandates such as OSHA, payroll fees, repair and replacement of office equipment and supplies as well as the need for high priced office space. 

What is the first move most business owners make under the pressure of an uncertain economy?

                                                 Downsize, Downsize, Downsize!

Lower your overhead by divesting of high rent office space. Outsource to a skilled professional and pay only for the hours worked. No more paying for lunch hours, vacation time, sick days, private phone calls and internet surfing. No need for a full-time office staff to run your business. You need a savvy    on-call assistant to offer you the polish necessary to enhance the professional image of your business.  More than just a secretarial service, Project Outsource assists with problem solving and can offer advisory assistance to help you achieve your business goals. 

The possibilities are limitless. If you can recommend a project, Project Outsource can tackle it.

                                     ********NOW INTRODUCING MY ASSISTANT******** 

Services for Seniors including.....

  • Doctor Visits
  • Shopping/Outings
  • Companion Care
  • Senior Parent Check-In
  • Pet Sitting
  • Computer Assistance


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